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Career Consultation

The working life of our careers consultants is varied and includes a range of activities such as delivering one to one careers support, creating and facilitating workshops and events.

Student Finance Guideline

We SGL assist the students with the student finance application. We are always up to date with the Student Finance Guideline policies from the SLC (Student Finance England) UK.

University Admission Assistance

We assist students with their interested subjects upon the previous study or work experience. It is also relevant to place the student in the right level of course. We always uphold and comply with the university guidelines.

Student Guidance and Counselling

SGL provide assistance with the required documents such; Applicants academic record, passport, current immigration status, personal Statement, CV, interview preparation, a work reference letter. We as SGL try to keep an eye to respectively every student during the course of the admissions till end. If students feel any difficulties we are at hand to assist them and accomplishment their course.


Choosing university

we assist students with their interested subjects upon the previous study. It is also relevant to place the student in the right level of course.

Eligibility check

We are here to help to guide you through each step of the application process to any university worldwide,language and college.

Document's list

Applicants academic record, passport, previous immigration history (if any), personal Statement, cv, a reference letter.

Visa submission

Our expert legal consultants will provide the expert assistance during the visa submission

Pre-Departure/Pre- Arrival

Our service is not only to get the admission and visa assistance rather our service is to reach out to the student whenever they need us. In every way possible we provide the relevant service to the each and every student.


SGL is also committed to provide the student the accommodation service if they require. Most universities have their own accommodation. However, those who require private accommodation and our expert team will help to find the best and safe accommodation along with their choice.

Settle up

We also provide the students to assist them with all the necessary things such as a bank account, National insurance, GP and helping them find jobs.

E counselling

At the era of digitalization SGL is very much equipped with the technology to provide the students best possible assistance at any stage of their life. Students are able contact from any part of the globe at any time and SGL provides all the necessary support through the e- counselling team.

Legal Support

SGL legal consultants are always vigilant and updated with all the immigration rules and provide assistance to the students with their visa submission, renew and refusal.